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Gabriel Edgar Varela
Never really knew the dude to be honest but as I was looking for our highschool year book online, I came across this. Just wanted to pay my respects, sad that you're not with us. So young, he would of been my age.
Amy Day
I never met Isaac. I can’t wait to meet him in the new world ❤️
I think more than I say and I feel more than I think. All my thoughts, feelings and love are with my dear friends on all days and this especially tough day. ❤️ 10/23/20
Colleen O'Keefe
May Jehovah continue to give you both the wings like that an eagle during what still might be a painful time for you, my friends! ? And the same applies also towards all those in your congregation and beyond who absolutely loved your sweet boy Isaac,which is everybody! Isaiah 40:31? ?Colleen O'Keefe North New Britain Ct. Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses
Colleen O'Keefe
Sunday,8/23/2020~ Dear Terri and Brian Jetmore, This is Colleen O'Keefe. Remember me, from way back in Canton? I am truly sorry from the heart to hear about the death of Isaac. I just found out yesterday from Kathy Gallagher when I saw her at the store yesterday, and I just now looked up online the program to his memorial service. I am so so sorry. And I am. I remember when Isaac was born, I remember your mom Norma beaming with excitement about her new grandson,and how his name was going to be Isaac. Your mom was so happy! I remember before Isaac was born, when you were married in Farmington,Ct., (or at least had your reception there), so yes.. Wow,..What a sad thing! What a horrible thing to go through! And what a horrible death for Isaac. However,It was encouraging to read in the program that he was baptized in 2017, i think it was 2017. That's so good! That's a good thing that happened in 2017. My father died in June of that year. From what I read,and saw in the pictures, Isaac seemed liked a really nice kid. A very well liked,friendly,kind,respectable, smart,theocratically minded nice kid. I can imagine him witnessing to his classmates,and trying to share encouraging scriptures with them. I haven't met him...yet, but this is what I can imagine he did. From what I could see in the pictures, Isaac looked just like you,Terri. He was probably very encouraging and helpful to the older ones in the congregation,too,huh? He looked like he would be that kind of person. No doubt he was valued and loved in the congregation, very much. Jehovah is remembering all Isaac's faithful acts of love,they are all on file with Him. And Jehovah is not going to either throw away that file,or loose it.Ever. And that file will be opened again in Paradise so that more can be added. Again,I am very incredibly sorry for you. As already stated, I just found out about this yesterday. No doubt with Jehovah's help and strength, you both have endured and kept busy over the course of time that has passed since Isaac went to sleep. 1 Cor.15:58 Soon,Jehovah will wake him up just like you used to when Isaac was a little boy, Isaac will be refreshed and ready to continue his faithful course serving alongside you both in Paradise! How awesome that is going to be! Whatever spiritual Paradise goals he had before he went to sleep, he will be able to accomplish them with you in Paradise! With Jehovah's kindnesses and continued love, you both will get through the pain of not having your boy here now,but soon you will have back in your arms again forever! ? Just one more thought: In the Paradise,Isaac will be able to meet and love dearly his grandmother Norma!? She,too,was amazing! I enjoyed her. Again,my warm thoughts and sympathy- Until we meet again at some point.. May Jehovah wrap you up in the warm comforting memories of Isaac just like being wrapped up in a warm,cozy blanket on a winter's day! Please keep up the good work! ❤️Colleen O'Keefe Newington,CT. orth New Britain,Ct. Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Good job to you both for raising your boy
Dennis & Donna Sutherland Central Cong
As I saw this we had not heard about yr dear Son. I don’t know if u remember our Son Odilon whom we lost to Lupus about 13 yrs ago We have felt that devastating pain it eases up with Jehovahs help & the Friends but only yrs of passing has helped the ach in our hearts and the hope of the New World My wish for u our Dear Friends. Always keep Jehovah in view as u know he will sustain us Love to u both. Donna
Brian and Teri, I am so sorry for your loss, you are loved. Just stay close to JEHEOVAH that’s where you will be safe till you are reunited as a family in the near future Isaiah 41: 10
Rich and Jan Browning
Dear Terry and Brian, We were heart broken when we heard the news. It is what every parent dreads. We pray that God will help you and his friends through the mending process. Psalm 55:22 & Isaiah 41:10. In time He will use you as you work out of this tragedy . IICor 1:3,4. May the grace of Jesus give you peace, Rich & Jan
Denise Costenbader
Dear Brian and Terry, Words cannot say how sorry I am for your loss. When I heard about Isaac, I felt numb. I’ve been praying continuously for you both,. I looooved Isaac. Always enjoyed our visits with you, and Isaac was always right there with us, talking and making us laugh. What a great kid, and personality equally as great! I miss him already. How wonderful it will be to welcome him back in the Resurrection. Isaacs memorial talk was very very encouraging. Thank you for downloading the video. I so wanted to have a share in the memorial. Isaac will always be in my heart and memory. He was truly a very special person. I treasure the time we got to spend with Isaac when we visited your family. Terry, I have known you since you were 14, and you are like a sister to me. And Brian, you are like a brother to me. Just want you to know that I love you both so much. You are not alone in the pain and loss you are feeling. My thoughts and prayers are continuously with you. May Jehovah strengthen you and continue to comfort you during this time. Always think about the grand promise found at John 5:28,29. Love you always, Denise Costenbader
DIANA Smylie
Dear Jetmores We are sending our love and condolences. You have been in our prayers. May Jehovah carry you during this difficult time. May you find comfort too from the friends and family. Job 14:14,15 ?
Kathy Ji
Thank you Brandon Morales for creating this page to allow us all to express our feelings and memories. I open this guest book every day to see how everyone felt about Isaac, and stay connected to the ones that are in pain as I am . . . as everyone is. He was a kid beyond compare. As Terry put it: “I knew he was a good kid, I didn’t realize how good he was.” As kids stepped up because Isaac trained them to be good. In the thousands, people showed how Isaac impacted their lives. To hear Cruz say: “When I am making a decision that may not be the best thing to do, I think; “What would Isaac do” (WWID) 5 days before the accident, Isaac heard my voice in the kitchen when I stopped by. He came bounding out to give me a hug and go back to his room. He just lit up your life like that. Every minute of every day I have his smirky smile embedded in my head. My heart won’t stop hurting. I feel like Brian… I HATE this BUS! But each day, we are one day closer. I will wait and keep on until that day arrives. We will hold on together. The bus will drop Isaac off in your arms. There were 8 documented resurrections, and in 4 instances children were returned to their parents. Remember that. We are one day closer. All my love.
Merla Lopez
Terry, my prayers have not ceased in behalf of your family. Words cannot convey how we feel for your loss? I remember meeting your son during the Market St Annex remodel when I had the privilege of arranging meals (Cherry Park) for all the volunteers. Although Isaac came with you ready to swing a hammer one day, you had him assist our group with kitchen duty. He did what he was told but I could see that he really wanted to work in the 'physical' departments ???. On occasion, when he visited Cherry Park congregation with the McCorkle boys, I'd grab him and hug him like I always do with all our young ones. I shall look forward to giving him the greatest welcoming hug ? again during the grand resurrection in Paradise. Our love to you both, Jesse and Merla Lopez
Vinette Douglas
Terry and Brian my name is Vinette, Loy Golden’s sister. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your dear son Isaac. May Jehovah the God of all comfort comfort you during this difficult time . We look forward to the time in the near future when Jehovah will call and Isaac will answer. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of him. He truly was a remarkable young man, a spiritual person, one who made a good name with Jehovah. What a great example for all of us. My family sends their condolences to you and your family.
Jean Jacobs-Williams
Dear Brother & Sister Jetmore, I learned of your loss from one of our spiritual brothers in my local area. I don't know Isaac or your family personally; however, my heart goes out to you both in harmony with Romans 12:15b "weep with those who weep." I will keep you in my prayers by name. We are reminded this week (11/4) "Praying for our fellow servants of Jehovah has real force, especially when we remember them individually, such as by name." I plan to review the pictures of Isaac during worship night with my 2 children (12 & 14) and highlight Isaac's fine modern day example of how he lived his life in harmony with 1 Timothy 4:12 "Never let anyone look down on your youth. Instead, become an example to the faithful ones in speaking, in conduct, in love, in faith, in chasteness." May you continue to lean on Jehovah and demonstrate faith in his son Jesus Christ to remove the sting of death FOREVER! Agape, from Springfield, MA
“Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be anxious, for I am your God. I will fortify you, yes, I will help you, I will really hold on to you will my right hand of righteousness.” Isaiah 41:10
Troy & Cheresa
Dear Brian and Terry, We are so saddened by this tragic loss. We want you to know many prayers are going up for you to get through this. We look forward to when this last enemy death will be brought to nothing (1 Cor 15:26). Until that time our hope of the resurrection is like a warm coat on a cold night. The cold night is still there but the warm coat helps us make it through. Sending our Christian Love, Cheresa & Troy.
Brian Strother
Brian and Terry, I am so sorry for your loss. I never got the chance to meet Isaac, but I’m sure he was an amazing young man being guided by two beautiful parents and a strong faith community. My heart goes out to you. Brian you are my mentor! 16 years ago we became friends and our friendship remains strong today. I am sure your faith will guide you throughout this grieving process, but please know you guys will be in my thoughts and prayers. Your friend Brian Strother
Shirley Lancaster
Thank you for sharing you life and hope with us. We truly feel your pain in our heart. We look forward to watching him finish his beautiful life in our hope and promise. Please hold on tight to each other and Jehovah so all of us can celebrate together his return. Love you , your fellow sister
Linda & Ian (son)
Our thoughts & prayers for your family!! My son, age 11, and I were at the accident scene. Know there are many people thinking and praying for you. See you Someday!
Walter costenbader
Keep living until you feel alive again. Jehovah will show you how.